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To Our Recent Winners!

Check out our gallery of pitmasters who conquered their BBQ Competition,
bringing home first place using Smithfield Fresh Pork!

We Want Que

Goldens' Cast Iron Cook-Off 2018Sat May 05 2018Pork

Swine Dining GA

Sip and SwineSat Mar 02 2019ribs

High On The Hawg

Smoke in the ValleySat Sep 22 2018Pork

Sharpe Gourmet Cooking Wood

Smithfield Guinea Pig, Matt Dalton MemorialSat Feb 24 2018Pork

STX Smokers

7th Annual Harlingen's Bravest Cook-offSat Oct 06 2018Ribs

Full of BULL BBQ

Lakeland PigfestSat Jan 27 2018Ribs

Plastered Pork BBQ

Poor QueSat Jun 09 2018Ribs

STX Smokers

4th Annual BOPA CookoffFri Feb 09 2018Ribs

Freeman Brothers BBQ

Masters in MaySat May 05 2018Pork

Texas Heavy Smokers

Deep East Texas 2018 State BBQ ChampionshipFri Aug 03 2018Pork

Big Johnson's BBQ

Red White & BBQSat May 26 2018Ribs

OnTarget BBQ

Effingham JamSat Jul 28 2018Pork

43rd Parallel BBQ

Masters in MaySat May 05 2018Pork

Kiss My Rack

Sweetwater Jaycees Rattlesnake Round-UpSat Mar 10 2018Ribs

B&R Smoke

Woodpile BBQ Shack Spring Fling Rib BurnSat Apr 07 2018Ribs

Tebo Creek BBQ

Knights of Columbus BBQ Smoke Off 4 LifeSat Jun 16 2018Ribs

Drum Daddy BBQ

UMB Smoking VaultSat May 05 2018Pork


Victory BBQ CompetitionSat Apr 07 2018Pork

Smokin Hot BBQ

BBQ Brew For HopeSat Jul 28 2018Pork

Gettin’ Basted

Heritage Days BBQ Showdown Day 2Sun Jun 24 2018Ribs